A Year in Reflection!

As we approach our one year anniversary at Hatch Co-working Office it is fun to reflect on our first year in business. When we opened Hatch we had a very different idea of where we would be today. In the first few months, I had people from all walks of life – churches, orchestra, IT professionals, CEOs, Graphic Designers, and Interior Designers, a little bit of everything! Now we have transformed and found our perfect fit. Most of our office consists of Marketing or Sales related people. My favorite part about having like members is they always have something in common to collaborate on or bounce ideas off of each other. Co-working is a great way to keep you active and fresh when coming up with ideas.

We also have had monthly parties, bowling night, community events, and more. Bringing groups like The YMCA or digital media companies to transform the space into a think tank for meetings or video shoot! The versatility that Hatch offers doesn’t even compare to anything else in the area.

My favorite part of our space is when I can see people finding connections to each other. We bring people together, even during tours our members find something they have in common with the person on a tour. It is truly amazing – the power of a relationship is something you cannot fake.

Thank you all for being a part of Hatch over the last year and for all the support! We are looking forward to an even better second year!


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