Hatch is one of the coolest coworking spaces around! The internet said so…

July for us was most definitely a month of go, go, go, as we welcomed a large handful of wonderful new members to our coworking community. That being said, when we got word of our little community being recognized on “The Coolest Raleigh Coworking Spaces In 2019” we were over the moon! We didn’t rehearse a speech, but here it goes: We’d like to thank our fantastic members for being a part of Hatch, each of you is a piece of the woven cloth that makes Hatch what it is. For our veteran members, thank you for your patience and support from the beginning. For our newer members, thank you for joining us and bringing such a wide array of knowledge to our community. And for our future members, we are so excited for you to become part of Hatch, we love the diversity that each member brings.

Go ahead and check out the article we were featured in and take a look at the other awesome coworking locations in our area.

Here’s the link: https://linchpinseo.com/coworking-spaces-raleigh-nc/

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