Hatch Reviews


"Finishing my first week here and it is great! I have access whenever I need it, and I can work some odd hours. Aside from the space itself, I like being in the WF downtown. This is way better than working at home for me. I use the shared space. As with any open work environment a good set of noise canceling headphones is advised. For the price, I am super happy!"
Neill campbell
"Kathy and team have done everything possible to make this Coworking space as functional and comfortable for everyone as possible. I've been more impressed with their effort than in any other Coworking space I've experienced. The building is a beautiful old cornerstone of downtown Wake Forest - strategically located for those who want their business located in small town America. I highly recommend taking a tour and seeing if it's for you!"
Casey Helmick
"24/hr access is so convenient. Enjoy the community co-working space. Great Networking opportunity. Flexible all the way."
Damaris Perez
"Clean, friendly environment. Definitely worth checking out..."
Anne Marie Gaughran Huestis
"The Hatch Coworking Office in Downtown Wake Forest offers incredible value in an amazing location. My office suite is awesome and all the coworkers are great! Great coworking space for businesses."
Thomas McPherson
"Wonderful space to work & collaborate!! Creative, fresh vibe!! Liz Johnson is THE best hostess & manager;) If you are looking to grow your business, study, gather with friends or meet uP with like minded professionals - Grab a space @ Hatch"
Courtney Roberts
"Great business offices! Even if you have a home-based business you sometimes need a professional place to meet someone, do a presentation, or hold a meeting or project. Hatch can be that great place! We hold a small group meeting here monthly and have plenty room for a mini-training session. Need a small office ongoing? They have that covered too!"
Micheal Nelson
"Our organization loves being able to use Hatch Coworking office! The size of the meeting room, desk space, and price are all a perfect fit for us. It's a fantastic place in an awesome location. The Pope Meeting room is a great place for meetings, and is our primary reason for picking Hatch. I highly recommend signing up to use this place!"
Anna Blalock Elliott
"The Pope Conference Room is a great meeting space. It's wonderful to have this affordable and convenient space right in downtown Wake Forest. Thanks, Kathy, for making it so easy to reserve!"
Emily Larsen
"Great space to sit and buckle down to work."
JD Robinson-min
J.D. Robinson
"I spent several months at Hatch working on a solo software project, and my productivity jumped compared to working at home, the library, a coffee shop, or any of the other places I tried. Hatch provides a quiet, cosy, distraction-free place where one can focus and get things done. The staff is wonderful, very attentive and professional. My co-Co-workers were also very friendly. They were working on a variety of projects and jobs, which make Hatch a unique networking opportunity to meet people you might not normally spend time with. Lastly, downtown Wake Forest offers a lot within walking distance, so taking care of errands or just taking a break from working and exploring are easily to do. I'd strongly recommend Hatch to anyone who is working on their own and looking to try a new setting."
Jared MacClearly
"LOVE stopping into Hatch when I need a great place to get my work done. Liz, the manager, is very accommodating and they offer tons of different package options!"
Marissa DeMarco
"I spent the day working at Hatch earlier this week, and it was wonderful. It was a great place to focus in and do my work, as well as collaborate with other professionals from various companies for some great brainstorming, idea-sharing, and resources. I highly recommend Hatch to the working without a work space!"
Jessie Pendergrass
"Hatch is such a fantastic space nestled in downtown Wake Forest. The accommodations offer different options to suit your needs. Highly recommend if you are mobile/home office!"
Lora Harris
"I spent a few months at Hatch while I was finalizing my home office. It was a welcoming environment with great coworking members. Very competitive membership rates as well."
Jeffrey Stewart
"I've been running my own freelance design studio since January 12, 2017. This place offers exactly what I was looking for, and then some. From an open co-working room, to business networking events, to coffee and snacks for members, to a dedicated conference room... you get a lot for a little! With my membership level, I have 24/7 access, so sometimes I'll start my day at home, then head over to Hatch and finish up from there. I can be super flexible/mobile, working from wherever (I work from a laptop), but, at the same time, I have a dedicated "office" if I need to meet a client. Can't ask for too much more!"
Brian Schmidt
"Excellent coworking space right in downtown Wake Forest. Prices are unbeatable. And the coffee isn't half bad!"
David Arthur
"Hatch not only offers a cozy, modern, and professional space to work, but the people are also great! Kathy is amazing and I would highly recommend Hatch to anyone looking for an office or co-working space in Wake Forest!"
Sarah Greene Engelman
"I give Hatch Co-working Office my highest recommendation. This is by far the best place to go and get work done filled with a nice and caring owner. I recommended Hatch over and over again. Hatch, you deserve the best clients!"
Andres Quintana
"As I write this, I've only rented a dedicated desk for a couple of weeks but I already love it. The environment is very conducive to working, very professional, visually appealing, quiet, and conveniently located within walking distance of several restaurants, a pharmacy, etc. The AC works great, there are several bathrooms, access to a printer, snacks, coffee, water, a very nice sitting area, and a large conference room. The staff is very friendly and helpful. And the internet is very fast. I highly recommend this if you're looking to an alternative to your home office."
Joaquin Fernandez
"Being at Hatch for almost 4 months now, there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t felt lucky to be a part of it. Popular opinion: Kathy is the best. There’s always coffee and the members are so helpful and kind. I love being able to take a 2 min walk to my favorite shops, restaurants, and cafes. My favorite part about Hatch is the space. No, the building is not new, it’s historic which means it has life and character (which I much prefer). Liz and Kathy have done a beautiful job of honoring the time of the building while giving it modern comforts. I wish I knew about this place sooner!"
Simmons Duncan
"Great environment and location. I highly recommend."
Mark Vasconcellos
"A beautiful and professional Asheville like co-working space for any entrepreneur or business owner to work from. Quiet, natural light, private offices, conference room, and even a small kitchen with coffee on hand! I highly recommend this coworking space for anyone working on the go."
Ryan Naylor
"I LOVE Hatch! The Manager, Kathy, contacted me very quickly after my inquiry. So friendly and helpful! Their conference room space works very well for my Spanish classes."
Tony Williams
"Hatch is the perfect place for students to have a quiet space to work, study and do homework! It's extremely affordable and really nice if you're a college student on break wanting to have your own space!"
Taylor Roberts
"Awesome space. Great location. Professional atmosphere."
LaSaundra Booth
"Great place to work!"
Andi Sloan