Why Cowork – From a Coworker!

Last week I sent an email out to my fellow coworking members and today I received the best answer to Why Coworking?

Brian Schmidt of BJS Design Studio, a local graphic design firm, gave the best feedback a business could ask for about why he chose to cowork. Read below to see how it can make a difference for you as a freelancer.

“I started my own freelance graphic design business this year and had been working out of my house, at first. The commute was great, but I started to miss people/interaction, and I was growing more and more frustrated at neighborhood dogs barking throughout the day, when their owners weren’t home, so I started going regularly to various coffee shops and restaurants. For me, Hatch served two purposes: to get me out of the house and to network — to “get my name/face out there,” so to speak.

During my travels to and from downtown (a five-minute drive from my house) late last year/early this year, I noticed the Hatch space in various stages of opening. I saw the signs every day and thought, “Hmmmmmm…” The more I drove/walked by, the more I considered. The more I considered, the more I wanted to get out of the house during the day, and the more I wanted to join. A couple times, I walked by and glanced in the front window, and it looked like my kind of space — open, contemporary, with a colorful front lounge — something I thought might help get the creative juices flowing.

Being super close to various downtown businesses was great, too — I could park my car and walk to the various shops/restaurants from Hatch.

Being able to come and go as I please (with the Roost membership level), an on-site conference room, and an affordable monthly rent sealed the deal for me, so, once some late receivables finally came in, I made the plunge and joined!

It has been great ever since!”

It is such an honor to make connections like this with professionals in the Wake Forest and surrounding areas. To learn more about Hatch go to www.hatchoffice.com and if you need a graphic designer for your business please contact Brian at brian@bjsdesignstudio.com

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